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Welcome to the Association of Veterinary Hematology and Transfusion Medicine (AVHTM).  This organization is dedicated to scientific advancement and education in veterinary hematology and transfusion medicine.

AHVTM is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit professional association composed of veterinarians, hematologists, academics, veterinary technicians, blood bankers, and interested public who desire to further scientific advances in transfusion medicine and veterinary hematology.  We engage in veterinary research, promote industry standards, develop guidelines for canine and feline blood collection and processing, and publish scientific research in peer-reviewed publications.

Want to find out more? Please peruse our site and take this opportunity to learn about and join AVHTM.

Click here to read AVHTM's statement on Animal Blood Donors.

REFERRALS: AVHTM does not provide consultation services or professional referrals. Please consult your local veterinarian for assistance. For privacy and security reasons, we will not share contact information of our members with the general public. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Resources

AVHTM has a number of resources to help veterinary professionals. Click here for additional information: Resources


Upcoming events

The AVHTM Special Interest Group (SIG) is our annual business meeting and research conference. ACVIM attendees are welcome to join us along with any member of AVHTM. If you are interested in attending our annual meeting and are not a current member, or are not attending ACVIM, please contact us for additional information.

Educational Topic: AVHTM Consensus Working Group on Defining Transfusion Reactions

Check back here for more information on AVHTM's Virtual Summit. More details will be announced soon.

AVHTM Research Grant: AVHTM would like to be able to award an annual grant to support novel and high impact research in veterinary hematology and transfusion medicine.  We need your help with this endeavor! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help advance veterinary hematology and transfusion medicine. Please click here or on "Donate" in the main navigation. Thank you!

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