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AVHTM Annual Meeting:  June 15, 2018

Stout Pubs
1530 11th Ave

Seattle WA 98122

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Scientific Sessions

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Research Abstracts / Poster Presentations

ACVIM Forum Online Proceeding


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Feline Anemias

Speaker: U. Giger

Feline Transfusion Therapy and Blood Compatibility
Speaker: U. Giger

Fresh Frozen Plasma: A Case-based Discussion
Speakers: M. Holowaychuk, J. Walker

A Clinician and Diagnostician’s Approach to the Challenging Bleeding Patient

Speakers: M. Brooks, R. Goggs

Platelet Transfusions in Humans

Speaker: S. Slichter

Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia in Humans

Speaker: T. Gernsheimer

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View the schedule online.

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Prevalence of Naturally Occurring non-AB Red Blood Cell Alloantibodies in Cats 

Presenter: M. McClosky

The Use of High-Dose IgM-Enriched Human Immunoglobulin in Canine Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia  

Presenter: J. Bestwick

Educating Veterinary Students in an Intensive Care Unit: Impact of a Transfusion Reaction Learning Module

Presenter: J. Haines

Evaluation of Two Apheresis Techniques for Plateletpheresis in the Dog

Presenter: A. Hale

Comparison of Haemoglobin and Haematocrit Measurements Using Ear Prick and Venous Blood Samples in Dogs

Presenter: M. Lyraki

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Therapeutic Monitoring of Rivaroxaban in Dogs Using Thromboelastography and Prothrombin Time

Presenter: J. Bae

Influence of Canine Donor Plasma Hemostatic Protein Concentration on Quality of Cryoprecipitate

Presenter: M. Drinkhouse

Retrospective Study of Canine Non-regenerative Immune Mediated Anemia in Japan

Presenter: M. Hisasue

Nucleated Erythrocytes and Anemia in Dogs with Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome: Could they Affect Outcome?

Presenter: G. Lubas

Rapid Decrease in Prednisolone Dosage Can Cause Early Recurrence of Immune- Mediated Thrombocytopenia in Dogs

Presenter: K. Morishita

Comparison of Fibrinolysis via Thromboelastography in Greyhounds versus Non-Greyhounds

Presenter: S. Shropshire

Viability of Two Platelet Agonist Reagents in Whole Blood Impedance Platelet Aggregometry in Dogs

Presenter: S. Shropshire

Whole Blood Impedance Platelet Aggregometry in Healthy Greyhounds Compared to Healthy Beagles 

Presenter: S. Shropshire

Effects of Irradiation and Leukoreduction on Down-regulation of CXCL-8 and Storage Lesion in Canine Blood

Presenter: H. Yang

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ACVIM Diplomates and Forum attendees have access to past proceedings through the link below (attendees can access only the years they have attended the Forum). All proceedings are provided through Veterinary Information Network (VIN) with a user name and password.

2018 ACVIM Forum Online Proceedings Access
Limited to 2018 ACVIM Forum Attendees and ACVIM Diplomates

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