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AVHTM Annual Meeting:  June 10, 2016

Colorado Convention Center

700 14th St

Denver CO 80202 USA

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Research Abstracts / Poster Presentations

ACVIM Forum Online Proceeding


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Transfusion of Aged Packed RBCs: The Negatives of Old Blood

Speaker: S. Smith

Storage of Packed RBCs: Best Use of Available Resources

Speaker: C. Sharpe

Leukoreduction: Potential Advantages for the Transfusion Recipient

Speaker: S. Smith

Leukoreduction: Disadvantages from the Perspective of the Blood Bank

Speaker: A. Hale

The Case for Anticoagulant Therapy in Canine IMHA

Speaker: R. Hanel

The Case for Antiplatelet Agents in Canine IMHA

Speaker: K. Lunsford

Antifibrinolytic Agents as Treatment for Bleeding
Speaker: B. Brainard

The Adverse Effects of Antifibrinolytic Therapy

Speaker: D. LeVine

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Reproducibility, Stability and Biological Variability of Thrombin Generation Using Calibrated Automated Thrombography in Healthy Dogs

Presenter: B. Cuq

Development and Validation of a Novel Canine Immune Thrombocytopenia Bleeding Score

Presenter: K. Makielski

Effects of Aspirin Dose Escalation on Canine Platelet Function and Urinary Thromboxane and Prostacyclin Levels

Presenter: N. McLewee

B Cell Activating Factor As a Biomarker in Dogs with Primary Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia

Presenter: J. Pritchard

Comparison of Multiplate, Platelet Function Analyzer-200, and Plateletworks in Dogs Treated with Aspirin and Clopidogrel

Presenter: S. Saati

Evaluation of the Risk of Relapse of Canine Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia After Routine Vaccination

Presenter: J. Ellis

Predicting In Vivo Response to Low-Dose Aspirin in Healthy Dogs Using In Vitro Platelet Aggregometry

Presenter: R. Hegedus

Retrospective Evaluation of Anemia and Erythrocyte Morphology in Dogs with Lymphoma and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Presenter: C. Parachini-Winter

An In-Vitro Assessment of Canine to Feline Red Blood Cell Xenotransfusion

Presenter: M. Wilkinson

Characterization of the Immunophenotype of Dogs with Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

Presenter: J. Swann

A Retrospective Study on Use of Leflunomide in Dogs with Immune Mediated Diseases

Presenter: M. Sato

Effects of Leukoreduction and Storage on Eicosanoid Concentrations in Units of Canine Packed Red Cells

Presenter: S. Muro

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Incidence of DEA 5 in Canine Population Using Novel Canine Antisera

Presenter: I. McClure

Prospective Study in the Treatment of Nonregenerative Immune-Mediated Anemia in 8 Dogs

Presenter: K. Morishita

Validation of Rapid Thromboelastographic Analysis on Citrated and Native Whole Blood From Healthy Dogs

Presenter: H. Shin

Serial Evaluation of Thromboelastography and Platelet Aggregometry in Healthy Dogs

Presenter: S. Shropshire

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ACVIM Diplomates and Forum attendees have access to past proceedings through the link below (attendees can access only the years they have attended the Forum). All proceedings are provided through Veterinary Information Network (VIN) with a user name and password.

2016 ACVIM Forum Online Proceedings Access
Limited to 2016 ACVIM Forum Attendees and ACVIM Diplomates

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