AVHTM Annual Meeting:  June 6, 2003

Charlotte Convention Center

501 S College St

Charlotte NC 28202 USA

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Research Abstracts / Oral Presentations
Research Abstracts / Poster Presentations

ACVIM Forum Online Proceeding


Hematological Parameters in Cats Undergoing Acute Systemic Anaphylaxis in Response to Dirofilaria immitis Antigen Challenge

Presenter: Annette Litster

Comparison of Standard Hematology Parameters Determined on a Laser-Based Point-of-Care Hematology Analyzer and an Automated Hematology Analyzer Commonly Used in Veterinary Reference Laboratories

Presenter: James A. Matthews

Prospective Evaluation of Medical Therapy with or without Early Splenectomy for Treatment of Severe Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia in the Dog

Presenter: Jeffrey Toll

Initial Comparison of Various Canine Blood Typing Methods

Presenter: Urs Giger

Relationship between RBC Thiopurine Methyltransferase Activity and Myelotoxicity in Dogs Receiving Azathioprine

Presenter: Damon B. Rodriguez

Haematological Parameters in Dogs Presenting with Malignant and Benign Splenic Lesions

Presenter: Richard Elders

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Initial Comparison of Various Blood Typing Methods for the Feline AB Blood Group System

Presenter: Knut Stieger

Whole Blood Platelet Aggregation in Horses

Presenter: J. L. Semotiuk

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ACVIM Diplomates and Forum attendees have access to past proceedings through the link below (attendees can access only those years they have attended the Forum). All proceedings are provided through Veterinary Information Network (VIN) with a user name and password.

2003 ACVIM Forum Online Proceedings Access
Limited to 2003 ACVIM Forum Attendees and ACVIM Diplomates

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