AVHTM Annual Meeting:  May 27, 2000

Washington State Convention Center

800 Convention Pl

Seattle WA 98101 USA

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Research Abstracts / Oral Presentations
Research Abstracts / Poster Presentations


Retrspective Evaluation of Fresh Frozen Plasma Transfusion in 85 Dogs

Presenter: Cindy Bressler

Damage to Canine Red Cells Following Pump Infusion

Presenter: Andrew J. Mackin

Frequency of Phosphofructokinase (PKF) Deficiency in English Springer Spaniels: A Longitudinal and Randomized Study

Presenter: Urs Giger

Primary Hemostatic Defects in Dogs Assessed by a Point-of-Care Instrument: Improved Function After Desmopressin in von Willebrand Disease

Presenter: M. B. Callan

A Comparison of Fresh Frozen Plasma Produced by Plasmapheresis and Standard Whole Blood Single Unit Collection

Presenter: R. L. Lucas

Platelet-Bound Antibodies in Dogs with Thrombocytopenia and Change with Treatment

Presenter: Barbara Kohn

Phenotypic Characterization of Canine Hemophilia B

Presenter: Marjory Brooks

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Effect of Platelet Clubs on Cell DYN and QBC Platelet Concentrations

Presenter: Shianne Koplitz

The Role of Plasma D-Dimer to Detect Thromboemolic Disease in the Dog (Preliminary Findings)

Presenter: O. L. Nelson

Production of Canine Platelet Concentrates by an Automated Apheresis Technique

Presenter: Anne Hale

Risk Factors for Presentation and Mortality From Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia in Dogs: Retrospective Analysis of 88 Cases (1989-1999)

Presenter: Craig Ruaux

Influence of Drug Therapy on Survival of Dogs Presenting with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia: Retrspective Analysis of 88 Cases (1989-1999)

Presenter: Craig Ruaux

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